Slam the Door……….

July 28, 2015

Luke 17:6

And the Lord said, “If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, ‘Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea,’ and it should obey you

By Anthony(based on true story)

There was an old lady, about eighty years old, give or take few years. She lived alone after her Husband of sixty one years departed and went to be with God. Kids were gone, and cats and dogs were to much to handle. You see she was not your typical run of the mill old lady. She was a devote Christian, a true believer, who knew the true love and infinite power of the all mighty. She lived on her and husbands social security, and as much as she tried to save and stretch the money it was never enough to make it to the next months check. Close to the last week of the month she always fasted and gave thanks to Jesus for providing an opportunity for her to fast. If you would pass by her house, you would always hear worship and praise music,!all good stories build on component that give the reader reason to read on, well this story has a few, one is the Old lady, poor but faithful (good guy), in the opposite side there is always the bad evil guy. In this story the bad guy is the atheist neighbor.

Now this neighbor,did not like the old lady because she was old, but he did not like her because of her  faith. As mentioned  the sound of praise and worship was always heard from lady’s home, it became louder as the supply’s DE pleaded , so she gave more and louder thanks, and if one would ask why? she would simply say “Because”!

Now, the evil neighbor hated all of it, and was looking for an opportunity to teach this old freak a lesson. so one night as he was going home heard the lady praying and giving thanks for opportunity to fast. Light bulb went on his head, by gully this was his moment to teach the freak valuable lesson and once and for all shot this nonsense  she called worship. Without loosing a minute he drove to the nearest supermarket and bought Five hundred worth of groceries. After getting back home he pilled bags upon bags of grocery by the old lady’s door, rang the door bell and hid around the corner, as the lady opened the door she noticed the groceries , at once she knew it was her God providing and answering her needs, she start to dance and worship as she has never before.

Suddenly the man jumped from the corner in front of her and made his statement( boy he deserved this moment, it was his to shot this old freak up), wait a minute, with pride he shouted ! I command you to lesson, this was not your so called God who provided this feast for you. It was I, your neighbor who knows there is no God. And here is the proof!

The last word he heard as the door was slammed in his face were”Thank you Jesus for using the devil to do your work”!

No matter what the circumstance of “your” life , remember God is in control, chill, let Him carry you!


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