Let God…………..


        A Devote Christian and an expert rock climber was on a sheer wall on mount Everest. He was at this wall it seemed forever, but he was determent to rich the top. Halfway to the top he realized that he would not be able to go any further up or down, he had no more strength. He had counted on his strength and expertise in climbing and had not used any climbing gears,  he was stuck, as any Faithfull Christian would do (Calling upon the Lord), he cried out”Jesus HELP me”, and what do you know ?“ The Lord Appeared mid air behind him, an arm reach distance, and asked :how can “I” help you?, the man answered , please help me and bring me down! Not a Problem was the answer accompany by stretched Arms , just let go of the rock and grab my arms, as the lord waited for the man to grab His arms, a quick look up and down below, and at Masters arm, the man stretched his neck looking over and behind the Lord crying out louder: is there anybody else?!!”


Would you let go of the rock  you are stock on, and grab The Lords arms? His arms were stretched on a Cross in Calvary just for you, no matter how hopeless your situation might be, let go of the rock, and take hold of His arms?!


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