Welcome Home

He opened his eyes, it was dark all around and he knew it was not time to get up; thump and thump and one more  ,thump after it ! There was silence for a short second, and then it started again : thump, thump……and a dark figure ran by his view! Darn it!  These two were at it again,; and again, early, like they had become his alarm clock. Cats! Good for nothing cats.  He had come to except them and even started liking them, and later falling in love with them and their crazy behavior.  Cats!

Silence rolled over the early dawn as he pulled out his to-do list for theday, and nothing stood out but the doctors visit! He really didn’t want to go, but his caregivers had insisted and wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer.  As he thought about them, a grateful smile breached his lips, which was proof of the wonderful life he had lived and all the blessings that were the fruit of being with his family….and even  occasional crazy house guests!

It was time to go and see the doctor.  Lets get this over with, he thought. As he was walking out of the house, he stood at the door and looked all around the house and smiled.  What a house and what a family and blessings. As the door closed behind him and he was helped to the car for reasons unknown, he turned and took one more look at the house as if it were his last, and got into the car.

He never liked the hospitals and doctors.  Regardless of their kind appearance, they had an ulterior motive, he thought, but today was different. Driving to the hospital was fun.  He liked that the best. Once inside he was greeted as royalty, he liked that and not because of the treatment, but he thought of himself as a king. Everyone was nice to him, very cordial.  They were all talking about something. He didn’t know what, but he knew, he was the subject; he didnt care about the conversation and all the tests they  did on him, all he cared about was having the pain in his chest go away.  Oh if it only was five years ago….

As he was laying down on the hospital bed, he remembered the day when he went outside of the yard and beat up the neighbor’s dog down the road.  Boy was that satisfying, to say the least.

And it happened, as the fingers of his friends that came with him ran through his head he felt all the pain go away.  It felt like a running stream going over the rocks of the river, gently massaging the stones as they swept by. How blessed he was to have family, especially family like this.

As he opened his eyes he felt strange.  All the pain was gone, and there was a familiar man leaning over him stroking his hair and calling him by name.  Who was this?  No, this was not someone he had seen often at his home.  As his vision cleared, he recognized the person…I know you…!

“Welcome home, Buster,” said Jesus.

Buster went to be with God september 15-2015 at the age of 13 , no he was not a child and not even human, he was a dog, a great dog, mix of wolf and german shepherd.  He was put to sleep due to cancer in the lungs.


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